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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Manic week

 What a manic week this turned out to be - hardly any time for crafting.

Though I did manage a walk and left an inspirational tag on a bench (with some blu-tac - so it wouldn't fly onto the ground) for someone to pick up.

I am a bit wary that some people might leave it as they think it might belong to someone who will come back for it - unlike the stones.

Though these are another way of uplifting people in the town that can't manage to get to the beach because of access problems.

These are easily made with hardly any crafting involved. A quick project to do with children or with non-crafters. Recycled from used greetings cards. The greeting cards are cut into different sections. The corners are rounded. A hole punch at the bottom. Some wool - sorry - funky fibres ;) are added with a handwritten uplifting quote.

Some more stones I managed this week

The beautiful view while I was writing the stones

I kept out of the wind, sheltering behind the beach huts
I also managed to do some punching for the local church. Craft punching of course! Using up scrap envelopes. Here are two pictures of bits of envelopes once I have attacked them with the punches.

Great way of  reusing coloured envelopes


  1. Oh you clever girl. I just threw out a colored envie and thought it was pretty. Think I must retrieve it. I'm following here and hope you will follow on mine too. From S-B blog swap.

    Coleen in Ukraine

  2. Love the stones idea. I hope some lucky people find and appreciate them.