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Monday, 2 May 2011

Decorating stones

Well I have been up since 4am playing with stones. I had collected these stones when I was home educating my son around 3 years ago. In actual fact it was my son who collected them and insisted that we take them home as they were so big and unusual compared to the other stones on the beach. They have been collecting dust in the fireplace ever since.

I tried different markers at first - CD marker pens work fine and so do the sharpie black permanent pen I have. Though my sharpie coloured pens dont work on the stone - they just fade. Also writing with a tippex pen is just a mess - but good for flower centre. So here are the results of an hours play. They will be sitting on my stairs for a long time now instead of collecting dust in the fireplace

A bit lopsided - like all my other crafting - lol

This picture makes it look really nice


  1. So cool to decorate stones. Brilliant idea! By the way, I am a big fan of recycling as well.

    xxx Monica

    PS: Love the sentiments on the stones...

  2. What a cute idea to decorate your steps with! :)