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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Buttons and wool bracelet

I am a self-confessed button horder. I have a box of buttons that I have not sorted and then I have a shelf filled with (recycled) glass jars filled with different colour buttons. I thread my button sets together by reusing curling ribbon - I cut it lengthways and it is so easy to thread the button holes through rather then wool or string.

My sorted button horde

 Anyway back to my button and wool bracelet. I've been seeing them everywhere on the net and wanted to try it out. So I went through my blue button jar looking for four hole buttons. (I don't usually like four hole buttons - so this was a good way of using them up.)

I found a few medium ones and a large button and patiently threaded wool through a needle. Then threaded the buttons and tied a double knot on each length between the buttons - so they could not move around.

 To finish off I tied a loop so the buttons act as the clasp to close the bracelet. As this was a test run I thought it was okay - but I ended up with a bracelet a bit too long - though as the loop was big enough to go round most of the buttons it does not really matter. My solution = It is an adjustable bracelet

The loop can fit round most of the buttons making it an adjustable bracelet

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