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Thursday, 9 February 2012

February Update

I have not been too well again, I think I must have overdone it packing the Uganda suitcases. In the end 4 suitcases went out and I could not carry stuff for weeks. Had to get my son to carry all the food shopping. Though I know it will all be greatly appreciated and needed where the suitcases are going. Hopefully the person will remember to take photos.

Some of the items in the uganda suitcases:
Shoe box of stationary items like pencils, rubbers, rulers, colouring pens
Shoe box for teachers stationary like solar calculators,  staplers, bulldog clips, laminated number squares
Shoe box of palette paints including watercolours and for small children
Shoe box of medical stuff like baby weight/height wheel, bandages,
Shoe box of cracker type toys including mini jigsaws, yoyos, crayons, football cards, stickers
Shoe box of 100 brooches (as in previous post)
Shoe box of christian stuff (as it was going with a missionary)
Bag of 12 bookmark kits for the children to practice handwriting
Three school sewing kits filled to the brim to help children practice sewing
Painting pads/books to go with the paints
A4 plastic sleeves for the teachers to keep important documents in
Some long skirts and mens clothes

The list carries on - but you get the picture that quite a lot of different stuff goes out - not just crafts and not just clothes. I've packed so hopefully someone will find their item invaluable.

This weekend I'm selling at a small local church craft fayre to raise funds to be able to send more stuff out and to give to the Ugandan people at the point of need. Hopefully I will blog afterwards and let people know how much was raised.