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About Me

I am based near the beach in Sussex, UK - wonderful in all types of weather.

I am an avid recycler and try and recycle a lot of stuff into my crafting.

I am a member of the local freecycle group and local barting scheme. I get most of my crafting supplies from lovely people who would otherwise bin the items.

I do have numerous health problems and find crafting as an outlet. When I can actually sit down properly I use my sizzix and sewing machine - otherwise I tend to use my other crafting tools.

I craft lots of different items - though mainly paper, card, cardboard, thin plastic and material. I also do beading by recycling broken necklaces etc.

My style is very shabby chic as I find that even cutting straight can be quite difficult. I also tend to make items that have a lot of empty space - though I love how some people can fill the whole space and it looks fantastic. My favourite colour is pink, followed by purple, but I like all colours.

I now craft for charity - having this outlet for my crafting has really let my crafting develop.

Anyway I hope you enjoy my blog.