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Uganda project

I have supported many overseas and at home charities over the years, like a lot of people I know. Unfortunately I have the "doubting Thomas" syndrome of how much actually gets through to the people in need and how much gets creamed off.

Last year I met with someone who goes out to Uganda and gives away everything that he has taken with him. (Apart from the clothes he is standing in and dirty underwear!)

He goes out as a missionary and changes lives there!!

He visits schools, orphanages, AIDS clinics, local churches and people in need. From donations last year he was able to send someone to finish school, supported someone to finish driving lessons to become a taxi driver. He gave out a lot of reading glasses that helped people to see. He gave sewing kits to a womans group. This was just a small amount he achieved in the three week visit.

In March 2011, my friend and I had collected four suitcases of school resources, craft kits for children, sewing kits and clothes. He was also given a camera to record what he gave out (thankfully he brought this back with pictures on.)

This year I am hoping to do the same, and with the help of the local freecycle group I am getting a lot of school resources. I will also be making craft kits up from the resoures I have, or have been given. This year I also have quite a few of my long skirts I have outgrown to be packed up.

I also came across another set of people through my friend and they had an article in the local paper, where they were collecting for one orphange in Uganda. They are going out 5 November 2011, from the resources collected I was able to give them enough for one suitcase of school resources and crafts to make with the children at the orphanage. They were overwhelmed with the resources and I was pleased that these resources that came from people clearing out their cupboards would be useful to them.

So with my biggest thanks to the local freecyclers and to these people that give out the items, I can accomplish a lot of recycling and a lot of joy to others, even with my health problems.