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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Fantastic ebay buy

Well I love my lever punches and found a fantastic buy on ebay - 38 punches for £40!!!

They are not the huge punches - but they give me a wider variety for my recycling greetings cards for swap-bot and my own crafting.

They arrived yesterday - but have not played with them yet as I am trying to decorate my room

First time in five years that I feel I have enough strength - with a little help from my friends - we will wait and see how far I get with the decorating before my health falters.

I will be doing it in stages - we have cleared half a wall and will hopefully be painting over the weekend - then a couple of friends will be moving the massive wardrobe - so that the next wall is ready to paint. I'm hoping it will be finished by the end of the month. Though that means I wont have much time for my recycling craft. But it will be a much brighter room for crafting in.

Sorry - no pictures today - though I will take before and after pictures and post when finished.


  1. Be sure and pace yourself. We all have limitations to some degree that we must learn to live with. You may have more, I don't know. Hope it goes well.

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    Coleen in Ukraine
    come visit and follow please

  2. I love ebay and recycling crafts. Sounds like a great buy. I'm a hugh ebay fan because sometimes you can get some really good deals. -hollychihuahua from swap-bot