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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Decorating a heart picture frame

I obviously was in the mood for decorating items yesterday, after the stones in the early morning, I actually got round to decorating my christmas present my niece gave me.

My christmas present from my niece

 It has been sitting looking it me for four months now - and I had promised my niece that I would send a photo once I had decorated it.

As it would be sitting in my bedroom - the colour scheme was pink and purple. I wrapped some pink netting around the top and stuck some embellishments on the frame.

Due to the awkward shape I didnt put a photo in - rather I put my defination of "Love is...", a few things of what I do for my family to show my love.

I really like it  - though I need to add a few more definations into the empty spaces. It is sitting on my bedroom shelf next to pictures of my son and my niece's family.


  1. Such a sweet idea to convey sweet messages... hehe. I love the one about coffee, running the bath and listening. The cording on the top looks so nice.

    xxx Monica

  2. Very cute, and i love the idea of writing something nice instead of adding a photo. :)