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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Recycling supermarket net bags

I am a stickler for keeping things that I feel can be recycled through crafting, even though I may not know at the time what to use it for.

Anyway over the past year I have been keeping those horrible plasticky net grocery bags in a glass jar. You know the ones the onions and clementines come in. Well today - it came to me.

I have recently been destashing my ribbon odds and making them into bows and love knots ready for crafting. When I saw the net bag when eating a clementine I thought about bows instantly.

Cut off any metal tags or plastic writing - it is just the netting you need. Then tie a bow. That simple!

If the netting is really roughed up (see the green bow) it looks like raffia. But others are quite neat.

Different colours can go for different seasons ie orange halloween, red and green christmas.

Or you could make them into angel/fairy wings by pulling the ends into the bow bit and securing with a couple of stitches or  a dab of glue. Then open up the netting. Picture is an example of a white net bag put as angel wings on one of my dotee dolls.

Hope you have some fun with those pesky bags, would love to see your interpretations.


  1. I have seen them used as rotary mat scrubbers, too.

    Btw, I came from SB


  2. I've used the nets to sponge paint through like a stencil on a card. It makes an interesting pattern. I've also have seen them used on a card below a stamped boat or behind a stamped fish.