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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Felting blankets

In my recycling mind I find it hard to cut something up to upcycle it when it has a good use as it is. Therefore it is usually only a few clothes that get cut up, the rest are sent to Uganda.

So even knowing that I could easily felt blankets for my sizzixing, I personally feel cutting up a single or bigger blanket for crafting is a waste, as it could help a homeless person in England much more then cutting it up for flower making.

So when I came accross a few blankets that had holes in them in the local charity shop I snatched them up as they were going dirt cheap. There were two I really liked: a lime green and a pink one.

I got them home, stuck them into the washing machine on a 90 degree cotton wash to felt them. The lime green one felted really well. The pink one needs another wash.

All I need now is for the charity shops to have unusable blankets in other colours like purple and yellow. That would make my christmas!

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