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Monday, 16 January 2012

Recycling those christmas cards for sellers

Unfortunately I have not been too well and have not been able to blog recently. Hopefully Im not too late and there are still those christmas cards swirling around.

If you sell at craft fayres or shops, they will come in really handy as your packaging. I have been using the small square ones that are around 10cm x 10cms - but you could use whichever ones you want.

Take off the back of the card.
Fold so that the image is on the inside and you have blank white card on the outside.
Print your logo or however you put your description.
Staple it onto your bag.

Please note - this does not work with cards that have writing on the back of the picture or those that have a lot of glitter, as they are really hard to fold.

Would be really interested to know how many sellers will use this as part of their recycling scheme.

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