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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Swap bot bubble envie

With everything going on I forgot that I had signed up to a swapbot bubble envie group. So when I recieved the bubble envelope I was a bit perplexed and checked my swap-bot account - but could not find where it had came from.  Though after a couple of days and a few messages, I found out.

 So what was in the bubble envie you ask - well I was quite surprised at the mixture. There was a

  • small Revlon make-up bag, 
  • set of three candymaker tag bags
  • set of 8 notecards
  • Pink paper pad
  • Snowman paper pad
  • Pencil and rubber
  • 3 Ritter chocolates
  • 3 lollipops
  • 1 cd -New Kids on the Block
  • iron on art set
  • pack of heart stickers
  • pack of teddy stickers
What did I take out? Well even before I realised which swap this came from - the ritter chocolates had called me and I gobbled them up. The set of 8 notecards, pencil and rubber and the teddy stickers I took to put towards the Uganda project. The flowery pink paper pad was definatly a "me" item - so I was very pleased to take that for myself and I have already enjoyed using quite a few sheets.

What did I replace them with - of equal value?

The teddy sticker sheet for alphabet rub on sheet
3 ritter chocolates for 1 metre red braiding
Pencil/rubber for 5 metres blue lace trim
Pink paper pad for set of iris bookplates
8 notecard set for 80 minature tags

All in all I think it was a good envie - this week I will be posting it out to the next swap-bot person who happens to be in Canada. I just hope that she likes some of the items in there.

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  1. never tried a swap via swap bot but i do swap in other sites/forums and it's super duper cool to receive a package from far away ^^

    Azed from swap bot "show me your crafty blog"