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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Madness descended - sanity restored

What is it with spring - that you start one job, only to have the whole place upside down until summer?

Well as you can tell the decorating took a lot lot longer then expected - or rather the sorting out and moving round the whole place did!

While putting back the stuff in the bedroom - we also managed to change the lounge to my son's bedroom and his old small room became my "mini lounge". This meant all of my teenage son's stuff could stay in one messy room rather then be trailed into the lounge each time his friends came over - which is virtually daily.

My sun filled bright mini lounge is enough for my sofa, a bookshelf and a couple of chairs that overlook the street. I have a new hobby - people watching - its fascinating and I've caught myself spending over half an hour (with a cup of tea) just watching people - admiring human nature and it's beauty in all its diversity - listening to the harassed parents - watching the giggling teenagers - the runaway toddlers and the pushchair strapped toddlers. Though I have given myself the excuse that this is good for crafting inspiration.

I still have some bits and pieces to sort out like under the plant - but it's tidy enough for me to go and relax in.

So back to my bedroom/craft room

So much has changed - I dont know where to start. Here are some photos of the old room before decorating.

I liked the bed area, but the floor space was always covered in crafts

Embarrasing mess of clothes, crafts and storage
Clearing the room ready for decorating was a major task - eventually I got there. I chose neutral paint of magnolia for the walls and white for the ceiling as this is a rented flat - I don't fancy having to repaint before I leave. The fresh lick of paint really brightened the room as well as moving the mirror wardrobe so the sunshine rays reflected into the room.

 As I have to store my crafts, paperwork and clothes all in my bedroom I find shelving with boxes and drawers the best way to go.

With the shelving I like to cover them with curtains as I find doors awkward to open if things are placed in front. I know I'm going to put things in front - I'm not really a stickler for putting things away. Though I can't stand the sight of lots of higgildy piggidly boxes and papers, so a curtain keeps the lines clean. In this photo you can see the difference with the pink curtained shelving (from a vintage sheet).

 I still have to make up curtains for this area. The pine wardrobe needs doors on it as it is my fabric stash. As the fabric stash still isn't sorted it would constantly fall out. I am hoping to put shelves in the pine wardrobe very soon and get the stash sorted so I can start sewing again.

There is still bits to be sorted out but I thought that from this point I could start crafting again.

 The big mirror wardrobe with clothes and materials, reflects a lot of light into the room. I found an old rug that I had forgotten about and put it for my crafting rug - so when painting or gluing I don't ruin the carpet. The rug was not good enough to have in the lounge as it had a few stains on - but a vinegar wash took the majority off and its good for the bedroom. I don't need to worry about getting things on the carpet so much.

I liked the bed space before, but it fits much better by the window. This also means no matter how much crafting I do and how untidy most of the room gets (as I said I'm messy!!) the bed area remains clear. At the moment the bookshelf holds some crafting items - but I want to make that area as my display area of crafts/products I've bought or finished.

 Lastly the area near the door - the clothes were ones that I had just ironed. Yes - now that I have space in my lounge - I am actually managing to iron again - my family will be amazed.

My two sizzix machines have their own station next to the door and my inspiration board needs to be put up

At long last I can get back to my crafting - which I've missed so much that I even dreamt I was crafting. I'm sure over time I will move some stuff around as I find what works and what doesn't - though I am so chuffed that I have finally painted my bedroom - moved the wardrobe and gained a mess-free mini lounge. Life is amazing.

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