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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Doodling flowers

I dont draw - I doodle.

Its much easier then getting frustrated in trying to get everything exact.

Here are some simple step by step pictures for doodling flowers. They get quite addictive. They are great for zentangling.

Pointed flower doodle

 It was my son's girlfriend birthday - he wrapped the present and I doodled on the wrapping.

 Step 1: Make a large dot
Step 2: Zigzag around the dot
Step 3: Do a larger zigzag that complements the previous zigzag.
Step 4 - 6: Repeat step 3
Step 7 : Put pointed petals  in spaces
Step 8: Doodle curvy lines

Doodled in two colours

 Raindrop flower

Step 1 : Make sure you can draw a raindrop
Step 2: Draw raindrops into a circle (it does not matter how many raindrops)
Step 3: Draw a circle in the centre of the raindrops. Draw background petals.
Step 4: Put lines at the centre of each petal
Step 5: Finish it off with stalk and leaves.

Alternative step 5: Put "Green Man's" face or fairy face or use as a sun.

Pansy doodle
You need two complementing colours 

Step 1: Make a large round dot
Step 2: Do about 5 squiggly petals around the dot
Step 3: Put 3 squiggly lines in the centre of each petal
Step 4: Using different coloured pen, draw on the inside if using lighter colour, or draw on outside if using darker colour. Outline all the petals.
Step 5: Add petals in the spaces between the petals, making sure to add the squiggly lines and the outline.
Step 6: Continue adding petals until you are satisfied with the shape.

Hope you have enjoyed this - would love to see how people have interpreted it into their artwork/zentagling.


  1. I love the pointed flower doodle :)
    -Pinkbubble (swapbot)

  2. Great Tute. I'm sure Izzy luved the wrapping.

    JustIngrid - swapbot

  3. I love you you do DIY tutorials of your projects. I need to find some patience to teach people some of the things I do. Teaching is a wonderful skill!

    springknitter from swapbot

  4. OH this is so cute. Thanks for the tutorial. I hope I will be able to draw a flower like you.

    Anna from swap bot (mynursecoach)