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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Reusing squashed and crinkled curling ribbon

I get given a lot of curling ribbon from friends, family and freecycle. I dont really mind in what state it comes as it is a great resource. I don't believe in buying it as it is not a "green" packaging option - but reusing it is the perfect option for me.

One use is for threading buttons into sets instead of using wool. I always find the wool catches and does not thread through the button hole easily. With the curling ribbon, you cut it in half with a point on the end and then it will go in almost any button hole so easily.

Though I mainly use it as curling ribbon packaging. Why do I like it so much - because it can be reused many times over. 
A crinkled old large bow made from curling ribbon

Cut the bow up into strips and start curling with scissors. Half way there!

Finished product with no sign of what it used to be like.

An old battered gift bow

Cut the pieces and curl to get a new look!

Another crinkled bow. Cut into strips and curl.


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